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Sage Clinics provides you with remote healthcare via real-time two-way communication between you and the doctor.

Your telemedicine appointment includes an initial consultation with the doctor, evaluation and diagnosis of your condition,  prescription of herbal medicine, follow-up consultation, and personal medication managment.


Why Telemedicine?

  • healthcare more accessible
  • cost-effective
  • time-saving
  • no commute - call us from your home, using your computer or phone
  • especially convenient for long-term patients with chronic illness

How Does It Work?

  1. Book an Appointment- Message us through a following form, or via email or call us directly. 
  2. Receive confirmation -We will confirm your appointment date and time via email.
  3. Enter the Waiting Room - Enter from this page (button above) or use link sent in your confirmation email.
    1. You will have an initial consultation with the doctor,
    2. Herbal medicine prescribed by the doctor will be delivered directly to your home (address you provide when registering).
  4. Make a payment - credit card or PayPal
  5. Schedule a follow-up appointment - Its consulting any improvements and changes of your condition, and making adjustments to your medicine accordingly. 

What is Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbs are derived from natural substances like plants, roots, flowers or mushrooms.

The aim of herbal therapy is to remedy the body's imbalance, the organs' dysfunction, and bring the whole body back into state of homeostatis.

If you are having unexplained symptoms from your current medicine, not responding well to medications, experiencing side effects, in addition to having other symptoms, natural herbal medicine is a safe solution for you.



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