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Acupuncture Face-lifts Gaining Popularity



Facial  rejuvenation


Chinese facial acupuncture deals with the inevitable aging of one's skin. This is due to the decline of the collagen production, which starts as early as the age of 26. 

Facial treatment uses ultra thin needles to trigger and give rise to the Qi (energy) in the face through specific acupuncture points and therefore bring about natural rejuvenation. 

Good diet and regular exercise is a very important part of one's health, which also reflects on a face. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of  looking young. Even though genes are an important factor that determine the ageing process, acupuncture can successfully deal with ageing.

One can notice the difference even after the first treatment, but for best results, regular sessions are recommended.

Facial acupuncture is suitable for both, women and men.